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Memories of Norton Kiritz

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A note from The Grantsmanship Center:
Many of Norton's friends have asked where to direct donations in Norton’s memory. When he founded The Grantsmanship Center 34 years ago, Norton’s intent was to empower any and all organizations that have a passion for doing good work.  Since that time, all types of nonprofits—from fledgling grassroots groups to venerable international agencies—have learned and benefited from his principles, his vision, and his example.  In that spirit, it would be appropriate to honor his memory through a contribution to any charity whose work you truly value.
- email to friends of The Grantsmanship Center, www.tgci.com
February 8, 2006

Thank you very much for sharing your memories with us!!

Norton's cousin Jeffrey Bloom writes...

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This entry was posted on 2/17/2006 4:16 PM and is filed under uncategorized.

I have wonderful memories of Norton 
and wish that we would have seen him more recently.  I may have told 
you about the time, probably around 50 years ago, that he lived with 
us in L.A. He was going to UCLA and playing a lot of basketball.  I 
can still remember how he looked to me then.  I was very young and 
small. He was, it seemed to me, much much older, and very tall. His 
favorite thing was to walk a block to The Farmer's Market, to a 
fabulous bread stand there, Clara and Joe's, and buy their onion rye, 
a long and narrow loaf that would be sliced into maybe 25 pieces, 
crusty on the outside, dense and moist within. And he'd eat the whole 
loaf. One almost every day.

  I remember his summer camp and his dog-finders business and his 
college placement business and his art collecting and more. What I 
most remember is his enthusiasm for each one!

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